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Welcome to the official webpage of Mark Turner, a dedicated long-term resident and the elected Member for Blain.

Living here with his young family, Mark represents the vibrant communities of Rosebery, Bellamack, Woodroffe, and Moulden in the Northern Territory of Australia, and understands the unique challenges and aspirations of our community.

With over twenty years of dedicated service as a police officer, investigator, and crisis negotiator, Mark's commitment to law, order, and integrity has shaped his role in government.

Honoured with both the National Police Bravery Award and the Royal Humane Society Bravery Medal, his leadership and experience continue to influence public service.

Mark's belief in putting the community first led him to part ways with the Australian Labor Party after a disagreement on police mental health and a spate of tragic outcomes in the Police Force. His steadfast commitment to integrity and willingness to challenge failures in government underscores a devotion to a community-first approach.

Our Mission: In the Blain Electorate Office, our mission is to create a thriving community that embraces evidence-based policy, a science-based approach to climate change, integrity in politics, a return to accountable democracy, equality of opportunity, and nurtures the well-being of every family. Inspired by the Nordic model of ethical capitalism and people-centred government, we are committed to tackling corruption, investing in health, education, jobs and upholding servant leadership and the rule of law.

Our Goals:

  • Law and Order: Ensure a safe and just environment.
  • Education: Inspire lifelong learning and growth.
  • Healthcare: Prioritise prevention and wellness.
  • Community Engagement: Connect with our diverse community.
  • Family: Recognise and support the foundational role of family in our society.

Mark stands by the belief that "a society grows great when old men plant trees, knowing they will never sit under their shade." Embracing a vision that transcends news cycle politics, #TeamPalmerston works to build a future that honours timeless wisdom.

Join us in championing #CommunityFirst, fostering collaboration, respect, and innovation. In Palmerston, we believe in #PoliticsDoneDifferently, where every voice matters, and every action counts.



Politics Done Differently

In a world where political landscapes are often marked by partisanship, power plays, and empty promises, doing politics differently isn't just a slogan – it's a necessity. For the people of Palmerston, and indeed across the Northern Territory, politics should be about true representation, ethical leadership, and community-driven solutions. It's about breaking away from the status quo, where decisions are made behind closed doors, and embracing transparency, collaboration, and respect for every voice. By championing #PoliticsDoneDifferently, we strive to build a system where trust is restored, integrity is non-negotiable, and the community's well-being takes centre stage. Join us as we plant the seeds for a future that values not just the power of now, but the wisdom of generations to come. In Palmerston, we're not just playing the game differently; we're redefining it.

  1. Community-Centred Decision Making: Prioritise the voices, needs, and aspirations of the community in every political decision. Encourage regular engagement, open forums, and transparent communication to ensure that policies are not only driven by the community but also reflect their genuine interests. Engage with families, our community, public sector workers, and the defence community to create an inclusive political environment.

  2. Promoting Integrity and Transparency: An ICAC with teeth. An ICAC that is strong, well-funded and independent. Anti-corruption measures maintain transparency in governance. This means providing clear insight into decision-making processes, funding, and the implementation of policies. Ensuring that political decisions are made with integrity and without hidden agendas, and working to build public trust through honesty and accountability.

  3. Innovative and Inclusive Leadership: Embrace a leadership model that values collaboration, innovation, and empathy. Lead by example, showing commitment to servant leadership. Create platforms for diverse perspectives and encourage innovative solutions that break away from traditional party lines. Focus on long-term strategies that serve the greater good, rather than short-term political gains. Politics should work for our community, not the political class.

Mark Turner and Robyn Burridge at PLSA

Mark Turner and Ronald Mummery at Police Remembrance Day 2022

Backing in our First Responders

Our first responders – police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and others – are the frontline heroes who put their lives on the line every day to keep our community safe. Their dedication, courage, and selflessness are the cornerstones of our security and well-being.

In any other state or territory, the dire state of our emergency services would trigger the government asking questions. Not a head-in-the-sand approach whilst our heroes drop like flys. 

Backing our first responders is not merely an act of gratitude; it's a commitment to the values that hold our community together. It means ensuring they have the resources, training, and support they need to carry out their vital work. It's about recognising their mental and physical well-being, understanding the unique challenges they face, and providing the necessary care and assistance.

In Palmerston, we stand by our first responders. We acknowledge their sacrifices and strive to create an environment where their essential role is not only respected but nurtured. Supporting them is a reflection of our broader commitment to law and order, community welfare, and the principles that make #TeamPalmerston strong and united.

Investing in our first responders is investing in our community's future, affirming a vision where safety, empathy, and collaboration are not just words but lived values. It's part of our dedication to #PoliticsDoneDifferently and the understanding that when we support those who protect us, we fortify the very fabric of our society.

I don't know why it is predominantly only the non-party aligned members calling for an independent inquiry, but I refuse to abandon those that run towards danger when we need them the most.

Community First

In Palmerston, the idea of putting the community first is not just a slogan; it's a lived reality. It's about a politics that works tirelessly, day and night, to address the unique needs, aspirations, and safety of our people. It's about not being confined to office hours but being there when the community needs us, whether it's working late shifts, being out at night, or even making citizens' arrests if need be.

Our community-first approach is grounded in the belief that every individual matters, and every action counts. It means going beyond traditional political boundaries and doing whatever it takes to ensure our community's safety and prosperity. From engaging with young families to understanding the needs of our significant younger population, government and public sector workers, and people from our diverse overseas community, our focus is to be responsive, proactive, and present.

It's an approach that requires courage, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to the values that bind us as #TeamPalmerston. It means not just talking about change but being the change, rolling up our sleeves, and getting involved. It's about redefining politics, transforming it into a force for genuine good. Yes it might annoy the other politicians, but it isn't about them, it is about us.

Join us in this journey as we champion #CommunityFirst, fostering a spirit of unity, empathy, and action. Together, we can create a Palmerston where politics serves the people, where leadership is accessible, and where every voice is heard. It's time for #PoliticsDoneDifferently, and it starts with our commitment to stand by, stand up, and stand for our community.

Mark Arrest NT News

Mark and Linda, National Police Bravery Award

Honesty and Plain Speaking in Politics, How many times do you just wish they would answer the question!

In a world often clouded by political jargon, hidden agendas, and convoluted communication, the value of plain speaking cannot be overstated. Here, in Palmerston, we believe in calling a spade a spade. We're committed to clear, honest, and straight-forward dialogue with our community.

What Does It Mean to Us?

To us, plain speaking is more than a way of talking; it's a way of governing. It's about cutting through the noise and getting to the heart of the matter. It's about being transparent with our intentions, decisions, and actions.

Why Is It Important?

Clear communication builds trust. When we speak plainly, we create a bridge between government and the community, fostering understanding, collaboration, and respect. It allows us to address issues head-on and find solutions that truly reflect the needs and values of our people.

Our Commitment:

As part of our #CommunityFirst approach, we promise to keep our language simple and our intentions clear. Whether it's in the legislative assembly, community meetings, or online interactions, we'll always strive to communicate openly and honestly.

Get Involved:

We invite you to join us in this commitment to plain speaking. Share your thoughts, ask questions, and engage with us as we work together to build a Palmerston where politics serves the people and every voice is heard. Make us work for your vote!


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